By: John Maico M. Hernandez

San Roque, Tanauan City – To assure that their produced preserved and frozen goods will not cause harm to consumers when it is prepared and eaten, Provincial Science and Technology Center Batangas helped TBN Food Products Corp. educate all its staff and strengthen its food-safety implementation through conduct of an Awareness-Seminar on current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) on March 03.

TBN educates staff strengthens food safety implementation

GMP serves as a fundamental part of the general food safety system in any food business. It plays a very significant role in producing safe food. A company should have an adequate number of personnel at all levels having knowledge, skills, and capabilities relevant to their assigned functions to be able to execute their duties to yield food-safety compliant food products.

All employees who are directly and indirectly involved in the production partook in the activity. They were educated with guidelines that they should always adhere to while performing particular operations in accordance with the principles of GMP. However, the seminar focused on the standards set by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Discussion on GMP regulations which require that the processes by which products are made, as well as the final products, are safe took place during the seminar.

Topics such as Food Safety, GMP, Food Hazards (i.e., biological, chemical, physical and allergens), Cross-contamination, Personnel Hygiene, Food Contact Surface, Pest Control, Good Hygiene Practices and Food preparation were the topics covered during the seminar. Proper handwashing was also tackled and demonstrated well to the participants.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jenny Bronburac and Mr. Mhark Ellgine Libao, both members of DOST CALABARZON Food Safety Team, served as speakers while Mr. John Maico Hernandez assisted them in facilitating the conduct of the seminar.