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By: Rochelle L. Cruz

DOST IV-A continues to widen the reach of their own developed smart information systems by sharing these projects in different areas in the country.

Last February 10, DOST IV-A held a System Presentation and Users Training of Tracking, Retrieval, Archiving of Communications for Efficiency (TRACE) System for DepEd CAR at Ecolodge Resurrection Compound, Magsaysay, Baguio City. It was attended by DepEd CAR Regional Director Beatriz G. Torno, division chiefs, head secretaries, and ICT unit.

DOST IV-A Regional Director Dr. Alexander Madrigal first introduced what TRACE is about and promoted other DOST IV-A information systems. He also gave a short talk about innovation which is one of the core values of DOST IV-A.

One of the highlights of the seminar-training was the demonstration of the whole process and features of the TRACE system by Ms. Bianca Josephine Pantoja, SRS I from DOST IV-A MIS Unit. TRACE is a document management system which was implemented for easier routing and tracking of documents and communications within the Regional Office down to the Provincial Science and Technology Centers. The system can generate statistics and charts regarding the employee/unit’s efficiency on dealing with documents and communications that are in need of actions.

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After the demonstration, a hands-on training for the participants followed which was facilitated by Ms. Pantoja and Mr. Kevin Brian Paris. This was to allow the participants to understand more the system and see its application in their work.

DepEd RD Beatriz said in her message that technology evolves fast today so such system will be a big help to them as it will make easier to track the documents. She also thanked RD Madrigal for introducing such information systems to them.

Mr. Jumar Yago, ICT head of DepEd CAR gave a summary at the end as well as the closing remarks.

DOST IV-A smart information systems were also presented during the meetings on harmonization of different information systems developed by DOST regional offices last February 13, 2017.

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