By: Engr. Jean Paulene S. AlvarezOn April 5, 2022, Provincial S & T Center-Laguna (PSTC-Laguna) conducted a Basic Fire Safety Seminar with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), San Pablo City, Laguna. The fire brigade team was headed by FO3 Ralph A. Balderosa and FO1 Marlo P. Alay.  In line with the Fire Prevention Month, the activity started with a brief seminar that was participated by the PSTC– Laguna personnel namely: Engr. Samuel L. Caperiña, Provincial Director – PSTC Laguna and the technical staff, Wilma G. Del Rosario, Leandro D. Dimatulac, Jherome L. Lusterio, Michelle C. Pasco, Jean Paulene S. Alvarez, and Nicko Carl De Vera.

(left to right) Engr. Samuel L. Caperiña, Provincial Director – PSTC Laguna, FO1 Marlo P. Alay, and FO3 Ralph A. Balderosa of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) San Pablo City, Laguna

The objective of this fire drill and safety seminar is to allow DOST PSTC – Laguna staff to acquire basic knowledge about fire and its elements, the three ways on how fire spreads, and the classes of fire. This is to deepen their understanding and inflict awareness on how to prevent fire incidents, to be prepared in the event of such plights, and to familiarize the procedures of using fire extinguishers, their different types, and intended uses including proper usage.

Basic Fire Safety Seminar/Fire Extinguisher Demonstration of Parts and Uses

During the drill, fire officers from BFP San Pablo City, Laguna demonstrated the proper use of a fire extinguisher with the mnemonics T-P-A-S-S: T-twist pin to break the safety and unlock the extinguisher, P-pull out the safety pin from the extinguisher, A-aim at the base of the fire and stand 6 to 8 feet away, S-squeeze the lever to discharge the extinguishing agent, and finally, S-sweep the nozzle from side to side until the flames are totally extinguished. Likewise, the training participants underwent hands-on activity on how to eliminate/put off the fire using fire extinguishers. Each employee had a chance to use and practice the proper way of using fire extinguisher.

Mr. Leandro Dimatulac,, PA I, Hands-on Activity on Fire Extinguisher

The BFP determined risks such as the building being surrounded by window grills oftentimes becoming obstacles during a fire rescue and the staff were not that familiar with the location and uses of fire protection equipment. Additionally, the fire officers offered recommendations/solutions to impose the safety and security of both people and equipment in the building.