By: John Maico M. Hernandez

Kababaihan Sama-sama sa Kaularan (KASAMAKA), a women’s association in Lobo, Batangas, underwent a training on wine making using the wine fermentation kit technology developed by the Department of Science and Technology - Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) held at Ginga Farm, Brgy. Sawang, Lobo, Batangas, Nov. 10-11.

The training covered discussion on wine making from raw materials preparation and use of Pearson Square in determining the required sugar to add in the solution to preparation of wine starter and use of the DOST-developed wine fermentation kit for wine fermentation process. The wine fermentation kit technology is intended to process wine using standardized procedure that helps increase production capacity and assure consistent product quality. The package comes with an ebulliometer to monitor the alcohol content of wine.

The discussion also touched on the basic raw material control by measuring sugar level using refractometer and measuring the acidity of the materials using pH meter. Significantly, the participants were taught on bottling and labeling of their finished product. Pineapple was the raw material subjected for wine processing during the training.

Participants had a hands-on activity on processing the pineapples into wine using the wine fermentation kit following the principles in using Pearson Square, refractometer, and pH meter during the process.  Fermentation was explained to the participants as the process of converting fermentable sugars into alcohol. The characteristics, flavor, and aroma of the raw material is retained and enhanced during the aging process resulting into a palatable and pleasant wine. Mr. Romel M. Felismino, University Researcher II of the Institute of Food Science and Technology - University of the Philippines Los Baños (IFST - UPLB), facilitated the technology training.

Meanwhile, to strengthen their food safety implementation and ensure that their wine products they produce conform to standards, an Awareness-Seminar on Basic Food Hygiene was also conducted. Mr. Mhark Ellgine A. Libao and Mr. John Maico M. Hernandez, both members of DOST-CALABARZON Food Safety Team, facilitated the discussion.