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By: John Maico Hernandez

Tubig Talino is soon to become available in Agoncillo, Batangas!

Bilibinwang Multipurpose Cooperative (MPC) prepared for producing Iodine-rich Drinking Water (Tubig Talino) through a technology transfer training held at their water purification facility, Brgy. Bilibinwang, Agoncillo, Batangas, last March 6 to 7.

The implementation of the Tubig Talino technology for Bilibinwang MPC is part of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-Batangas’ Grants-in-Aid Community-based project. The project aims to transfer Tubig Talino technology as the cooperative's new business venture that will help contribute to the government's program to control iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) in the country.

Tubig Talino, developed by DOST Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), is a purified or ordinary potable water mixed with Water Plus Iodine (I2) that may be consumed to improve the iodine intake of Filipinos resulting in better health. According to FNRI, a 5ml of Water Plus I2 can make 20 liters of Tubig Talino, which can meet 33% of the daily iodine requirement of the body.

Like ordinary water, Tubig Talino has no adverse taste and a stable shelf life of six months and two weeks. According to DOST-FNRI, sufficient consumption of iodine from water helps absorb essential micronutrients, speeding up brain development among children and preventing iodine deficiency orders in adults. The body’s thyroid gland also uses iodine to produce thyroid hormones that help control growth, repair damaged cells, and support a healthy metabolism. Tubig Talino's efficacy study conducted by DOST-FNRI demonstrated that it could help improve students' academic performance.

During the technology transfer training, production workers of Bilibinwang MPC were trained on the iodine premix preparation and the chemical analysis titration method to determine the amount of iodine required for an iodine premix. The amount of premix needed for preparing the iodine-rich drinking water was also discussed with the production workers involved.

Mr. John Lester G. Ramirez, Ms. Czarlyn Mendoza, and Ms. Filipiniana Baes-Bragas, of DOST-FNRI served as resource speakers during the training. A licensing agreement between DOST-FNRI and Bilibinwang MPC was also pursued to formalize the Tubig Talino adoption.

Meanwhile, an inauguration and forum on Tubig Talino technology will be conducted for school principals and students in Agoncillo, Batangas, and its neighboring towns this year. The forum will be used as a platform to raise awareness about the relevance of Tubig Talino in addressing IDD in the country and shall also serve as the promotional strategy of the cooperative in marketing their Tubig Talino product.


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