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By: John Maico M. Hernandez

Food Manufacturers in Lipa City received a seminar on packaging technology, labeling requirements, and marketing innovations from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-Batangas in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Lipa City (LGU-Lipa City) through the City Cooperatives Office held at Lipa City Training Center, May 05.

The seminar aimed to equip the participants with knowledge on packaging technology and innovations, mandatory labeling information for prepackaged food products imposed in the Philippines and abroad, and the science behind innovations in marketing. It was divided into three parts: 1) packaging technology, 2) labeling requirements, and 3) marketing innovations.

The discussion on packaging technology covered the definition and functions of food packaging, factors in selecting product packaging, food packaging materials, packaging material tests, and food packaging techniques. Product packaging innovations were also explained to the participants.  

For labeling requirements, concepts discussed were the definitions and objectives of labels, mandatory label information standards in all countries and according to Codex Alimentarius, parts of the label, and the “Rules and Regulations Governing the Labeling of Prepackaged Food Products Distributed in the Philippines.” The mandatory label information consists of the following: 1) product name; 2) brand name/trade name (as per consumer act); 3) list of ingredients; 4) net content declaration; 5) name and address of manufacturer, repacker, importer, trader, and distributor and country of origin; 6) lot identification number; 7) storage condition; 8 ) expiration date; 9) food allergen information; 10) direction/instruction for use; and 11) nutrition facts/nutrition information/nutritive value, were also explained. Other required information, including alcoholic beverages, irradiated foods, additional information, and language, was expounded during the discussion.

The session on marketing innovations was anchored on analyzing the opportunities digital technology offers in promoting the business and examining the science in digital promotion and communications for improving engagement with the target customers. Topics covered were the basic principles of productivity promotion, principles of digital promotion and strategic communication, how to build a digital marketing and promotion plan, and an introduction to marketing and digital promotion tools.

The discussion also touched on some of the best digital marketing strategies in the Philippines. MSMEs that integrate competitive approaches to increase their visibility, engagement, and reach in social media were used as examples. Tips in driving traffic and penetrating wider social media reach, applied mechanisms to boost online presence organically, relevant digital marketing statistics in the Philippines, and online consumers’ psychology, behavior, and cultural influences were presented to provide participants with a common footing on what to consider to ensure targeting of audience and increasing online engagement.

The approaches to developing digital marketing and promotion plans were introduced using its different components, including identifying customers/audience, brand strategies, messaging plans, channel tactics, and measurement practices. A range of advertising and marketing technology options used in the digital promotion were also discussed.

Mr. Mhark Ellgine A. Libao and Mr. John Maico M. Hernandez, Science Research Specialists at DOST-Batangas, were the resource speakers during the activity.

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