The Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) and several member-agencies of the Southeast Asia Cooperation (SEACOOP) Consortium recently kicked off the SEALING (Supporting to Policy Dialogues and Strengthening with Southeast Asia) Project in Jakarta, Indonesia. The two-year long project forges a stronger alliance between ASEAN countries and the European Union (EU). It adds to the results of the project achieved early on from 2007 to 2009 and opens up opportunities for the further development of so-called Information Society Policy Dialogues.


With the continuance of the SEALING Project, ASTI hopes to pursue conduct of future conferences/ events in Southeast Asia in conjunction with policy dialogue meetings of heads of states. This way, research priorities on Information Communications Technology will be identified at an earlier stage at the bilateral (joint country) and regional levels. Thus, activities funded under EU programmes can be expected to generate greater results.

As a SEACOOP partner, the Philippines, through ASTI, contributed to a five-fold increase in ASEAN's participation in collaborative researches with EU. Under the SEALING Project, ASTI will spearhead "Project Impact and Dissemination" work packages which aim to ensure the widest dissemination of project perspectives, achievements, and impact. They plan to do these through project Website documentation, awareness raising activities, and establishment of communities of practice.? (MAMontanez/ AMGuevarra/ DOST IV-A S&T Media Service)