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The Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development (PCASTRD) recently launched use of the office software applications developed by the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI). ASTI customized a set of information systems solutions (Infosys) which includes the following modules: Personnel Management Information System; Inventory System; Procurement System; and Announcements and Events (Calendar) System. The Inventory and Procurement System consists of sub-modules that enable users to monitor and keep stock of equipment and supplies; monitor and update Acknowledgement Receipts of Equipment (ARE); and generate forms used for procurement. The Announcement and Events System on the other hand, enables staffs to communicate about event schedules, including in-house meetings and other activities. The integrity of data in the system is maintained through access privileges given to staffs.

Prior to this, PCASTRD had been looking for a dynamic web application to conveniently manage its office information systems. It explored the option of purchasing a solution from commercial vendors but eventually chose to partner with ASTI. By doing so, PCASTRD managed to save nearly half a million pesos and is now working with greater efficiency. The Commission on Higher Education was the first national government agency (GA) to adopt ASTI Infosys in 2008. Other DOST agencies have also lined up.

ASTI is the lead government agency for R&D on ICT and Microelectronics. It currently uses the Infosys in automating many business processes and tasks, and is promoting knowledge sharing throughout DOST. ASTI's Infosys is an open source, Web-based application developed using PHP web scripting tool and PostgreSQL for building its database.  (JMaglanque\ AMGuevarra\ DOST IV-A S&T Media Service)