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For the first time in local robotics history, the Philippines will be hosting the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) on November 6-7, 2010. With the theme "Robots Promote Tourism," more than 1,000 elementary and high school students from 30 countries will be converging in Manila to compete in this year's Robotics Olympiad.

Student competitors will compete in two categories: the Regular Category, which focuses on the technical skills of the students and the Open Category, which is the Creative Category where students can present their ingenuity using Lego products.Science Education Institute Director Dr. Ester B. Ogena said the Philippine government is very excited in hosting this year's WRO as it showcases the scientific prowess of Filipino students especially in the field of robotics. "WRO will highlight to all Filipinos, including students, the wonders of a culture that is rooted as well in science and technology," she said. She added WRO will showcase the country as an international site for conferences and tourist destination.

The Philippines has been a consistent participant of international competitions especially in science and mathematics. Every year, the Philippines has been raking in awards in these competitions, proof of it was 2009's 303 recipients of the Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Award. The 2009 YES Awardees garnered some 450 gold, silver and bronze medals in international science and mathematics competitions. ? (MICRoblas\ DOST IV-A S&T Media Service)