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Teresa Guerrero Talavera of Grandpa's Farm Foods located in Cainta, Rizal used to process meat such as tocino (pork fillet), tapa (beef fillet), longganisa (pork sausage), and embotido (pork roll), among others. Now engaged in the production of pre-mixed seasonings and sauces (powder blend of spices and seasonings for meat processing and sauces), Talavera received PhP0.34M in financial assistance from DOST CALABARZON through the Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), a banner project of the science and technology department, in order to expand production.

In support, the Provincial S&T Center of Rizal facilitated acquisition of a modern mixer, sealer, and laboratory scale for the pre-mixed seasonings. The intervention resulted in increased sales enabling Grandpa's Farm Foods and PSTC Rizal to venture into ginger tea production. PSTC-Rizal thus provided an additional PhP.47M in assistance to Grandpa's for purchase of equipment in ginger tea processing. These include a jacketed kettle, powderizer, two sets of heavy duty stoves, and large cooking vats.

The collective assistance enabled the company to accept a high-volume job-order from Alpha Quest. They have since been supplying Alpha with nearly four tons of instant salabat (ginger tea) every month. The company has also successfully claimed the intellectual property right (IPR) for the use of two products namely, Nature's Delight of Sampaloc ARB in Tanay, Rizal and Ludy's Instant Salabat in Cainta, Rizal.