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DOST CALABARZON, through the Provincial S&T Center of Quezon assisted Mrs. Maria Magdalena Ripas of Sta. Lucia ARC Multipurpose Cooperative Inc. of Dolores, Quezon in expanding its candle production business. Established since 2000, the agriculture-based cooperative produces decorative and vigil candles under the name BANAHAW (Esperma) for religious sects around Mt. Banahaw.

It received PhP140T in funding assistance under the Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), a banner project of the science and technology department. Purchase of a mechanical moulding machine enabled Sta. Lucia ARC to increase its monthly production of vigil candles to 2000 pc. It has also established partnership with Kutitap Crafts, an old hand in candle making, to widen its market and upgrade its production process through use of silicon moulds. Ripas recently joined an exhibition during the Harvest Festival. She also submitted a proposal for Grant-In-Aid funding for purchase of additional accessories of the moulding machine. 

In 2009, Sta. Lucia ARC developed a different production technique using the forming machine.