By: PSTC Rizal

Furniture is a quiet part of regular day to day existence and the centrality is known, just when we needed to confront circumstances without the help of legitimate furniture. Individuals, regardless of whether they have a place with white-collar class, lower class or the high class require furniture and they jump at the chance to have reasonable things around them relating to their pay and status. Some people not only focus their attention on features of the furniture that they are buying but the materials that have been used to make this furniture.

There is cooperative which utilizes bamboo as their main material in making their furniture located in the province of Rizal. Cardona Multipurpose Cooperative was organized in September 12, 1986, for the purpose of engaging in activities as a credit union under PD No. 175. It was registered as a full pledge cooperative with the Bureau of Agricultural Cooperative Development.

Cardona MPC a medium-size cooperative with its own office building located at ROTC Hunters Road, Patunhay, Cardona, Rizal and presently engaged in lending, rice trading, water system, and bamboo processing.

The cooperative has undergone on the GIA program of DOST through the project, the cooperative is now on its peak from their bamboo processing facility with their engineered bamboo products. And that’s how they are called “Cardona Engineered Bamboo”.

Cardona MPC has now become a tourist attraction of different schools in Manila who are interested to see how they turn a simple bamboo into a great and beautiful furniture.