By: Demee Angelica S. Ludia

FIC Cover

On March 2, the Food Innovation Center of CALABARZON known as FIC-UPLB, funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Grants-in-Aid (GIA) Project and operated by the Institute of Food Science and Technology University of the Philippines Los Baños (IFST-UPLB), launched its newly developed products. Through the funding of DOST-CALABARZON in the project entitled “Establishment of an Innovation Center Common Service Facility in CALABARZON”, the FIC-UPLB was equipped with locally developed equipment by DOST-ITDI and DOST-MIRDC like the water retort, vacuum fryer, freeze dryer, and spray dryer.  

The program entitled “50 Shades of Taste” featured 50 newly developed products from the DOST-funded and supported Food Innovation Center. Under the project entitled “Utilization of DOST Designed Food Processing Equipment for Product Development of High Value and Industrial Crops from CALABARZON”, DOST-CALABARZON funded some of the products developed by the FIC-UPLB. They launched their own version of Ready-to-Eat Duck Products, Instant Vegetable Dishes like Instant Chopsuey and Instant Pinakbet, Food Ingredients like Pinoy Curry and Kamias-Taro Sinigang Mix, Ready-to-Drink Beverages like Soymilk Ube, Spray-Dried Juice beverages like Sapinit Juice Powder, Snacks like Vacuum-fried tofu, and Ready-to-Fry Products like Kangkong Kropek and Vacuum-fried Orange Kamote Buchi. These locally developed innovative products could compete in the local and international market. FIC-UPLB’s product launch was also in celebration of the 112th foundation day of UPLB’s College of Agriculture and Food Science.