HYDROMET Project is a roll-out project led by the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) which deployed 1,000 hydrometeorological sensors all over the country and was implemented in 2013-2014. The project was also one of the components of DOST's Nationwide Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) Project.

The DOST Regional Offices were tasked to deploy the hydromet stations to 18 major river basins and selected minor rivers systems.

For CALABARZON, a total of 54 hydromet stations were installed - 36 Automated Rain Gauges (ARG), 17 Water Level Monitoring Stations (WLMS) and one TANDEM (ARG+WLMS). Data from these sensors are viewable at http://noah.dost.gov.ph/.

 Below are the locations of the deployments:

hydromet locations

hydromet map

Blue = ARG (36), Green = WLMS (17), Red = ARG+WLMS (1)

hydromet gallery1

hydromet gallery2