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Exchange of Probes, Learnings and Outputs of Research (EXPLORE) capacitates the Regional Research Committee (RRC) of the Regional Development Council (RDC) in the consolidation of Research and Development (R&D) projects and initiatives of schools and government agencies.

Webinar and Technology Channel (WATCH) assists in the technology diffusion and promotion and policy dissemination through the conduct of free online seminars. This online service was started in 2012 where webinars related to food safety are conducted, hence it was named as Food Safety Webinar Site. The website was rebranded to WATCH in 2015 to diversify the scope of the topics to include the vast field of technology and policies which are of significant importance to the citizens and community.

As a 21st century education support system to DepED's K12 Curriculum and STEM Track, the 21st Century Learning Environment will serve as a venue that will create learning practices, human support and physical environment to facilitate the development of the 21st century skills of both teachers and learners in these four common cores: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. 

A classroom setup is equipped with facility designed for mobility and connectivity to promote collaborative teaching and learning with education and information and communication technologies to support student-centered active learning. In the 21st century classroom, teachers are facilitators of student learning and creators of productive learning environments, in which students can develop the skills they need at present and the future. Teachers alongside students will also be equipped with necessary skills to meet the challenges of a more engaging and effective modern teaching.

Data Analytics-Ready Info Unified System (DARIUS) is a collection of mission-critical information systems which will centralize the repository and monitoring of project profile, status and reports, repayment status, S&T interventions rendered, relevant documentation and DOST ROs BSC performance that is accessible anytime and anywhere. All concerned information systems will be implemented by DOST Regional Offices and accessible by DOST Central Office staff, particularly the Office of the Secretary and Regional Operations Services (ROS). Project statistics and DOST RO scorecards will also be available to interested DOST agencies for data analytics purposes and to aid top management’s critical decisions and strategic planning. Limited project information will also be accessible by the general public.

Development and implementation of the Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS) and BSC monitoring information system (Financial,

Sensing Environmental Parameters through Telemetry (SENTRY) innovates the water quality monitoring and assessment of concerned advisory agencies through

  • deployment of sensors that automates data acquisition of water quality parameters
  • detects when water quality data is nearing its critical/threshold value
  • disseminates bulletins and advisories to concerned agencies, LGUs, fish cage owners and other stakeholders

HENYO Project is an initiative of DOST IV-A in relation to its role in the implementation of Republic Act No. 10644, known as “Go Negosyo Act”, which seeks to strengthen micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to create more job opportunities in the country and foster national development, promote inclusive growth, and reduce poverty.

RxDeteC is a multi-component application software developed to enhance the status monitoring of RxBox telemedicine device which consists of an Android application that gathers and transmits daily usage reports and a website that stores and displays the utilization and status of the RxBox units.

STARBOOKS is short for Science & Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Station also known as "LIBRARY IN A BOX" intended to serve as information access portals in key areas in the Philippines.