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The topic will briefly discuss food safety in general with emphasis on the hazards commonly encountered in the food supply chain. The webinar will then present various monitoring tools for food safety.



The webinar will discuss the BPI's role on Food Safety. The Bureau of Plant Industry, through the recently approved Food Safety Act of 2013 is mandated to enforce food safety standards and regulations for plant foods.



This webinar will give an overview on the existing rules and regulations affecting the safety of fish and fishery products.



Food safety is consistently the first or second most important concern in the fresh produce industry. There are incidents where contaminated products that were distributed had to be recalled. In several cases, it took days or weeks to identify and locate the contaminated products. Based on concern for the public safety, governments have passed a series of laws to mandate food companies (fresh or processed) to maintain the records necessary to track material from the farm to the consumer. With more consumers all over the world demanding to know not only the origin of their food, its ingredients, where it was produced, ways of production, use of pesticides but also reassurance that the food they buy is really what it claims to be, the need for traceability becomes imperative.



Chemicals associated with potential migration from food contact packaging materials may pose health or safety risk among consumers. The type of chemical, level of concentration, and monitoring of migration has now become an integral part of ensuring food safety. Thus, various case studies, researches and risk assessments are constantly being done for a deeper understanding of such phenomenon. The presentation reviews the current knowledge on food safety hazards in relation to possible migration of chemicals to food from packaging materials.