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On August 23, 2013, His Excellency, President Benigno S. Aquino III has approved and signed "AN ACT TO STRENGTHEN THE FOOD SAFETY REGULATORY SYSTEM IN THE COUNTRY TO PROTECT CONSUMER HEALTH AND FACILITATE MARKET ACCESS OF LOCAL FOODS AND FOOD PRODUCTS, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES". The resource speaker will discuss further the key elements of the said newly enacted Republic Act 10611, otherwise known as the "Food Safety Act of 2013".



An overview of risk analysis as a science-based (and, therefore, rational) approach to food safety and associated risk perception. The course will cover health risks and associated business consequences arising from the presence of health hazards in food. The course is essentially an introduction to a rational approach to food safety management systems, avoiding unnecessary costs, paranoia and panic. It provides a simplified introduction to risk assessment, and how its outputs can be utilized in food safety management (e.g. HACCP) by food business operators, inspectors, service providers and consumers. 


FREE WEBINAR: "Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Food Production: Is it Safe?"


FREE WEBINAR: "Food Safety & Trade Issues"

The topic will discuss the present status of the Philippine exports and imports of food products, as well as the current trends in international food trade. The webinar's topic will also include the major world food safety issues and the Philippine's food safety related concerns.


FREE WEBINAR: "Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certification"

In the area of food safety, "farm-to-table" refers to the stages of food production from the way it is grown or raised, to how it is harvested, manufactured, packed, delivered and consumed. Everyone has a responsibility to minimize foodborne illnesses, even long before food reaches the table. At each stage of the food chain, from the farmers/producers to the consumers, we aim for a high level of food safety.