Webinar and Technology Channel (WATCH) is an platform for DOST IV-A FREE online seminars.  Topics are of S&T relevance while resource speakers are from various government organizations, NGAs and reputable private organizations. WATCH streams resources speaker's discussions over the internet, displays presentations and implements a chatbox for audience interaction. It also stores information on all its participants and their evaluations to each webinar conducted. WATCH is accessible at 

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Back-to-Back Webinar

Postharvest Practices for Horticultural Fresh Produce
Dr. Perlita A. Nuevo
University Researcher from Crop Science Cluster
Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center, College of Agriculture, UP Los Baños
9:00-10:00 AM

Licensing and Registration Requirements for Food Establishments
Ms. Caroline C. Duller (Food & Drug Regulation Officer III) and Ms. Mary Joy L. Paulin (Food & Drug Regulation Officer I)
Center for Food Regulation & Research, Food & Drug Administration
10:15 - 11:15 AM


The Resource Speaker: Ms. Christmasita A. Oblepias is a Food & Drug Regulation Officer of Philippine FDA. She is also a registered chemist.


The Resource Speaker: Ms. Maria Theresa C. Cerbolles is a Food-Drug Regulation Officer III, Product Research and Standard Development Division, Center for Food Regulation and Research of the Philippine FDA.



The Resource Speaker: Dr. Lydia S. Manguiat is the Assistant Regional Director for Technical Operations and a Chief Science Research Specialist at Department of Science and Technology Region 4A.