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Biogas Technology is a waste management tool and energy generation technology that uses locally available materials and an environment-friendly alternative. Biogas Production and Utilization is an on-going project of DOST-CALABARZON since 1994. As of December 2015, 408 Biogas plants have been adopted in livestock and poultry farms in various regions.


- Fuel source (cooking and lighting needs)
- Improves agro/agri-waste management
- Converts organic nitrogen and ammonium as fertilizer
- Addresses air and water pollution
- Reduces build-up of manure solids in farm
- Recycles fiber as bedding/soil enhancement
- Lowers demand for natural gas and fossil fuels
- Reduces odor
- Fully renewable
- Controls pathogenic bacteria in soil and ground water
- Reduces conflict among neighbors

S&T Intervention
- Actual site inspection, biogas design, consultancy and technical supervision on the construction, orientation on proper operations and maintenance of a biogas plant and time to time monitoring of biogas digesters
- Orientation seminars and training on biogas technology
Capacity building




- Constructed 408 units of biogas digesters with a total capacity of 6,237 cubic meters as of December 2015 (207 in CALABARZON, 83 in MIMAROPA, and 118 units in other regions)
- Accumulated annual fuel savings valued at Php 52.272M
- Reduce forest denudation and GHG emissions
- Employment generation for the biogas construction and maintenance workers
- Produces organic fertilizer
- Creation of municipal ordinance to use biogas in several municipalities in CALABARZON areas