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STEVPP aims to bring scientists and experts to the countryside. It provides free technical assistance to groups/associations in need. The volunteer pool hopes not only to fast track technology transfer and commercialization, but more importantly, bring S&T practitioners closer to their clients. It operates through the following strategies:

  1. Harnessing available expertise within the country's scientific and academic communities and professional associations;
  2. Linking technology generators directly with users; and
  3. Mobilizing S&T human resources in the private sector to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization.

STEVPP is enjoining Scientists, researchers, engineers affiliated with colleges and universities, private industries and research institutions who are acknowledged specialists in their fields to form part of the experts’ pool. Volunteer experts are required to fill-up a capsule bio-data which shall provide information on his/her field of specialization and availability.

Members of the pool shall be tasked to assist in the following priority areas:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Aquaculture/Fishery
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Calibration
  5. Chemicals, plastics, industrial minerals, polymers and pharmaceuticals
  6. Engineering
  7. Energy
  8. Environment
  9. Food science and technology
  10. Food/Feed processing
  11. Forestry
  12. Industrial materials
  13. Information technology processing
  14. Machine/Equipment design and fabrication
  15. S&T curriculum and material development
  16. Textile

Coverage of experts’ assistance

Experts shall be tasked to respond to requests that are:

  1. S&T related only. Priority is given to requests such as consultancy services, forum, technical assistance, trainings, demonstrations, and seminar-workshops.
  2. Short term requiring three to five days assignment. The program provides the travel expenses of expert which include airfare, poterage and terminal fee, bus/taxi/boat fares and P200/day travel allowance.

For very urgent requests, requesting party may be required to advance the expert's airfare which may be reimbursed upon submission of required documents. A counterpart fund is also required from requesting party to cover food and accommodation expenses of the expert.

Who may avail?

Private industries, academe, cooperatives, government, and non-government organizations, professional and scientific association, rural and urban communities, inventors, and other interested clients.