In the current arena of globalization, science and technology have become the most important factor for national economic growth and source of competitive advantage. Recognition of this fact has led technologically-progressive nations and firms to invest substantial resources in research and development (R&D), technology acquisition and adaptation, S&T education and training, and S&T infrastructure.

No less than the President has identified science and technology (S&T) as a principal means to fuel the nation's economy and ensure the well-being of all Filipinos.

In line with the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan, the Department of Science and Technology (Department or DOST) will pursue programs and activities guided by the principles of competence, competitiveness and conscience. Accordingly, the Department has adopted the following vision: A competent and competitive science and technology community with a social conscience.

The Medium-Term Plan of the DOST, for the period 1999 - 2004, presents the three-pronged approach which the science department shall adopt to realize this vision.

Firstly, by implementing high priority flagship programs to develop competence and competitiveness and address the needs of the poor and the disadvantaged. Secondly, by strengthening and giving sharper focus to continuing programs in science and technology to make them more relevant to the goals and thrusts of the current administration. And thirdly, by improving S&T governance and management, including institutional reforms for a more productive and efficient science community.

In pursuit of this vision, the Department will work with the S&T community on the urgent task of addressing the needs of Philippine society in proportion to their importance. In so doing, the Department enters into a new social contract with the Filipino people.