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The Eleven-Point Agenda encompasses the strategies to be implemented to achieve the vision and desired outcomes:

  1. Pursue R&D to address pressing national problems.
  2. Conduct R&D to enhance productivity and improve management of resources.
  3. Engage in R&D to generate and apply new knowledge and technologies across sectors.
  4. Strengthen and utilize regional R&D capabilities.
  5. Maximize utilization of R&D results through technology transfer and commercialization.
  6. Develop STI human resources and build a strong STI culture.
  7. Upgrade STI facilities and capacities to advance R&D activities and expand S&T services.
  8. Expand STI assistance to communities and the production sector, particularly MSMEs.
  9. Provide STI-based solutions for disaster risks and climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  10. Strengthen industry-academe-government and international STI collaboration.
  11. Enhance effectiveness of STI governance.